Mashed avocado on toast.
The Unexpected Kitchen Tool To Perfectly Mash Avocados
Instead of reaching for a fork to mash avocados, consider using a whisk. Whisks, with their rounded shape and ergonomic handle, allow for easy maneuvering around the bowl.
Whisks have several thin wires, which effortlessly cut through the flesh, enabling you to handle multiple avocados at once. It will also yield a better texture than using a fork.
Opt for either a balloon or French whisk over a spiral whisk, as the former ones are easier to clean. Both options feature rounded tops and thin wires for efficient mixing.
The balloon whisk may be better suited to mashing avocados as it has a wider head and sturdy, widely-spaced wires, which you need to effectively cut through thick avocado flesh.
Conversely, the French whisk is narrower, and its closely spaced wires could prove difficult to clean. Additionally, it will result in smaller avocado chunks than a balloon whisk.