closeup of a BLT sandwich
The Trick To Reheating A Sandwich Without The Soggy Mess

Anyone who's tried to microwave a BLT knows that it only causes the bread to turn into a limp, mushy disaster, but a toaster oven is all you need to revive your sandwich.

Preheat your appliance to 350 degrees Fahrenheit or lower to avoid burning your sandwich. Cover it with foil and heat it for up to 10 minutes, and check on it halfway through.

When exposed to the electromagnetic radiation of your microwave, the water molecules in your sub destroy the fragile gluten and starches, creating a soggy sandwich in the process.

Since the molecular integrity of your sub will be compromised by this heating process, the bread will turn as hard as stone once it dries up and cools in just a few minutes.

You can mitigate these problems by covering your sandwich in a damp paper towel and turning your microwave settings to low, but toasting it from the outside is more consistent.

The stove has the added advantage of size, as you can easily fit large quantities of leftovers in a single batch. The only downside to this method is the longer preheating time.