Potato salad in a bowl.
The Trick To Potato Salad In Half The Time Is A Clever Swap

Even the best basic potato salad recipe is time-consuming. Luckily, a quicker way to make a potato salad involves an ingredient swap, replacing potatoes with gnocchi.

Made predominantly from mashed potatoes with a little flour, potato gnocchi have a plump yet slightly squishy texture, making them a great ingredient switch in a potato salad.

Cooking potato gnocchi in a pan of salted water takes just a few minutes, with the little dumplings floating to the top once ready.

Then, you can drain and rinse them while you make the dressing. They work equally well with a mayo or an oil and vinegar-based dressing.

Like a traditional potato salad, you can easily elevate the dish with additional ingredients, such as pesto, hot sauce, or dill pickle.