Two grilled cheese sandwiches on plate
The Toothpick Trick For Foolproof Air Fryer Grilled Cheese

Whether you’re air-frying an open-faced grilled cheese sandwich or a closed one, the hot air circulating inside the machine can knock the top layer straight off of your sandwich.

When it's closed, it may just be an annoyance to have to place the bread back on the sandwich, but when it's open-faced, you may be left with a mess and the need to start all over.

Luckily, toothpicks can keep your sandwich in place. If you're air-frying a closed sandwich, simply slip toothpicks into the sandwich’s corners before placing it in the machine.

Take the toothpicks out before flipping, as the cheese will melt enough to help the sandwich stay put. For an open-faced sandwich, secure the cheese to the bread using toothpicks.