Person whisking ingredients in a bowl with a hand mixer
The TikTok Hack That Transforms Hand Mixers Into Stand Mixers
In a viral TikTok video, @rachel_loaf shared their friend's hack for making a hand mixer work in a recipe that calls for a stand mixer, and all it requires is a wire rack.
They placed a wire rack over their bowl of ingredients and popped the hand mixer’s beaters through it. The rack helped the mixer stand upright like a stand mixer as it did its job.
However, the beaters of the hand mixer weren’t tall enough to evenly whisk through the entire bowl when kept in one place, so one commenter suggested using a lazy Susan turntable.
They said putting the bowl on the turntable would get all the sides. However, doing that can make the rack turn with the bowl unless you hold it, so the trick may not be effective.
That said, whisking thicker liquids with the original hack can make the hand mixer quake vigorously and knock over the wire rack and the bowl, making a mess you’ll need to clean.
Nothing stops the rack from slipping to the side and ruining everything. Moreover, hand mixers are no match for stand mixers in terms of power, so the hack may not always work.