The exterior of a Texas Roadhouse restaurant.
The Texas Roadhouse Hack That Gets You More Steak (And Sides) For Less

TikTok has a tip if you're looking to save money on your steak at Texas Roadhouse. With one simple trick @aever17 (Ash) shared, you can get more steak while saving a few bucks.

The Texas Roadhouse Dallas Filet comes in either six or eight ounces, but the Filet Medallions entree is offered in a nine-ounce size with a price similar to the eight-ounce cut.

There's also a choice of sauces, an option not available with the Dallas Filets. The medallions are served over rice or mashed potatoes, but you can substitute another option.

TikTok users shared caveats about this hack, as they did not find the quality of the filet medallions on par with the Dallas filet.

There were also plenty who swore by the hack. User @amckry wrote, "I got this the last time with the mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes, a house salad, and broccoli, and it was amazing!"