Slices of lemon cake
The Sugar Tip To Make Lemon Desserts Way More Delicious

When making a dessert with lemons, mixing grated zest with sugar can further infuse the essence of citrus and double its impact on your baked goods.

Place the amount of sugar your recipe calls for in a bowl and zest the lemons on top of the granulated pile, then mix the zest and the sugar as evenly as possible.

Once evenly distributed, let the mixture stand for at least an hour to fully integrate before using. You can use this time to prep the rest of the recipe.

You can grind lemon-infused sugar into a fine powder and use it to create a super-rich glaze for a lemon cake, doubling the aroma and taste of the citrus fruit in each slice.

You can also use this infused sugar to flavor standard baked goods differently. Sprinkling it in the dough for basic sugar cookies before cooking will give each bite a bright, citrusy pop.