Ina Garten smiling in a kitchen
The Store-Bought Ice Cream Ina Garten Can't Resist
Despite her affinity for homemade meals, chef Ina Garten is not against store-bought food. When it comes to dessert, she prefers scooping into store-bought vanilla ice cream.
Her go-to brands include Häagen-Dazs, Ben and Jerry's, and Ciao Bella. Her preference saves her time in the kitchen as well as the money buying the ingredients separately requires.
A Häagen-Dazs pint will cost you about $5, but if you buy heavy cream ($3-$5), sugar ($2-$3), eggs ($1.50-$3.50), and vanilla extract (about $6) separately, you’d be paying more.
Garten often heats her ice cream and says mid-ranges of temperature are best. That’s because some flavor receptors in our mouths pick up on sweetness better when the food is warm.
Garten likes her vanilla ice cream to be a little on the boozy side, too, opting to serve it with some Limoncello liqueur drizzled over the top and a biscotti cookie on the side.