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The Starbucks Order Trick For Cheaper Americanos

Starbucks’ Caffè Americano, which features shots of full-bodied Signature Espresso Roast and water, is already one of the chain's cheapest items, but DIYing it can be even cheaper.

While a grande Americano typically costs about $3.95, asking for a triple shot of espresso in the 16-fluid-ounce cup and ordering hot water as an add-in will cost you only $3.25.

Short, tall, and venti Americanos, which contain one, two, and four espresso shots, respectively, will still rake in about the same amount of savings, give or take a few cents.

If you like your Americano a bit on the cooler side, opt for iced water instead of hot water. This hack also allows you to sneak in syrups and toppings without paying much extra.