A Starbucks cold drink
The Starbucks Mobile Order Hack That Gets You Cheaper Lattes

If you're a latte person, you're in luck. Thanks to a Starbucks mobile ordering trick, you can re-create your order without paying extra for milk, resulting in a cheaper drink.

On the mobile ordering app, choose either Espresso or Iced Espresso. Select the size cup, click "Customize,” scroll down to the "Add-Ins" section, then select "Add Creamer."

Add a splash of milk, and if you click on the same dropdown again, you can increase the amount of milk added. You can keep customizing your drink from there.

Starting with a cheaper drink order like an Espresso could result in a big drop in price for what is essentially the same drink, depending on what you typically order.

TikTok creator @jenglufling shared a step-by-step video performing this ordering hack on the company's mobile app, saving over $3 in the process.

Customizations like flavored syrups, sweeteners, or cold foam will create further charges, but you'll still be starting from a lower base price and might save several dollars on your order.