Bobby Flay, surrounded by gochujang and steaks.
The Spicy Ingredient Bobby Flay Uses For Steak Glaze

Chef Bobby Flay is well-known for his love of spicy ingredients, but he uses a different spicy ingredient on steaks at his newest restaurant, Brasserie B in Las Vegas.

Flay has chosen to use the fermented chili paste gochujang to ramp up the flavor for the ribeye steak option on the menu.

The red paste, which also contains fermented soybeans, glutinous rice, salt, and sweeteners, takes the spicy flavors in Flay's steak dish to the next level.

Gochujang has a subtle sweetness, giving it a complex and rounded flavor. Flay says his glaze "[has] got spice to it, it's got sweetness to it, and it has that fermentation to it."

The "Beat Bobby Flay" star also told Tasting Table that gochujang steak is "something that I like to make myself during the summer, grilling outside."