A plate of halved hard-boiled eggs
The Simple Trick Restaurants Use To Peel Many Hard-Boiled Eggs At Once

When restaurants need to prepare a large quantity of hard-boiled eggs, they use a technique involving a plastic container and some tap water that makes the eggs peel themselves.

Vigorously shaking hard-boiled eggs with water in a container for a minute or two makes the eggs collide, shattering their shells, which are then washed away by the water.

Ensure the container is spacious and has a lid. It’s crucial to use a sturdy plastic container, as glass containers have the risk of slipping out of your hands and breaking.

Since the residual heat inside the eggs continues to cook them even after they’re removed from the pot, cooling them down is crucial to ensuring they stay tender and creamy.

To do so, fill the container with cold water before you shake the eggs. It will keep your eggs from overcooking and shock the egg whites into firming up, making for easier peeling.