Alton Brown smiling at an event
The Secret Weapon Ingredient Alton Brown Uses For Velvety Cheesecake
The key to the creamiest cheesecake lies in achieving a smooth, silky texture, and chef Alton Brown's secret weapon is sour cream.
Sour cream's fat, moisture, and acid content enrich desserts like chocolate cake and coffee cake. In cheesecake, it boosts both the taste and texture.
Switching heavy cream for sour cream adds a tangy richness that complements the cream cheese and balances the sweetness in sugary cookie bases or fruity toppings.
The amount of sour cream can vary based on preference, with some recipes, like Alton Brown's, using 10 ½ ounces for a pronounced tangy flavor.
Use full-fat sour cream for optimal texture and taste as it aids in creaminess and helps the cake to set into a firm texture