Coffee maker against a white background
The Secret To Easily Cleaning Your Coffee Pot Lies In The Fruit Aisle

Due to their interaction with water, coffee makers are susceptible to limescale buildup and mineral and calcium deposits. Cleaning this buildup requires something potent.

Luckily, the solution lies in the fruit aisle of your local store. Lemon or lime juice, having a pH as high as 3, can effectively help remove those stubborn residues.

Run a cycle of plain water through your coffee maker to remove all coffee ground residues, then fill the water tank with a mixture of fresh, room-temperature water and citrus juice.

Let the mixture sit in the water tank for a few minutes before turning the machine on. As the solution flows through the coffee maker, it will remove any present deposits.

A tablespoon of lemon juice should do the job, but you can add more juice or run a second cycle for extra stubborn residues.

Both freshly squeezed and bottled lemon or lime juice can be used, as it’s not the freshness but the acidity that matters.

Cleaning your coffee maker is crucial because the deposits can affect the quality of your brew and ultimately build up to the point where no water can pass through the machine.