Frozen French fries.
The Scientific Reason Chefs Like Frozen Fries Over Fresh

Chefs prefer to buy certain foods frozen rather than fresh. One such food is frozen fries, which are scientifically formulated to cook and taste better than fresh ones.

Fries must have the right starch content to cook to a perfect consistency. Frozen fries preserve the high levels of dry matter and low sugar content needed for the best outcome.

Frozen french fries are weighed and measured for the perfect balance of starch versus water. Each potato will have an average of 21% starch solids, with the last 79% as water.

Frozen fries are tested for the perfect balance of starch after cooking but before freezing. Boiling removes excess sugar to prevent over-browning, and freezing removes moisture.

Frozen fries are already cooked, saving time, preventing any moisture issues, and improving the actual frying results, delivering that perfect french fry texture.