Different kinds of potatoes
The Safety Tips You Need To Confidently Consume Green Potatoes
When it comes to fruits and veggies, green is usually good and might mean they were picked too early. For potatoes, however, that’s not the case.
Potatoes turn green when they’ve been exposed to too much light. When this happens, they can develop two toxins called solanine and chaconine, which are dangerous at high levels.
For a higher chance of avoiding green potatoes, buy them from a reputable farmer’s market because they tend to be the freshest and recently harvested.
Luckily, you can still use green potatoes by simply peeling off the green skin, any new shoots, and any flesh that may have a green color. You can then prepare it however you want.
To stop your potatoes from turning green, store them in a dark, cool place like a root cellar or basement. They should keep for several weeks but always err on the side of caution.