Half of an avocado
The Safety Concerns To Be Aware Of Before Eating Avocado Seeds
In recent years, people have started consuming avocado seeds by turning them into a more edible, powder-like form, blitzing them into smoothies, or using them to brew tea.
The seeds, having substantial amounts of fiber, fatty acids, and antioxidants, are indeed nutritious, but there's some concern and controversy over whether they’re safe to consume.
The problem is that most research has focused on the properties of avocado seed extract, not on the entire seed itself and whether it's safe to eat.
The California Avocado Commission's official stance is that "the seed of an avocado contains elements that are not intended for human consumption."
Some concerns revolve around the seed’s plant compounds that may be unsafe for humans, and its oils have also been shown to increase fat buildup and enzymes in the liver.

That said, most testing has only been done on animals, and avocado seeds simply haven't been researched enough to determine whether they're safe for the human body.