A person holds a Tim Horton's coffee in their car.
The Reason Tim Hortons' Wayne Gretzky Coffee Is So Intense

Tim Hortons has a secret menu drink known as the Gretzky, the Gretter, or the nine-by-nine, in honor of ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky and his jersey number, 99.

It is made with nine servings of sugar and nine servings of cream. The drink has about 1,000 calories, 78 grams of sugar, 84 grams of fat, and 276 milligrams of cholesterol.

For context, men should consume no more than 36 grams of sugar daily, and for women, it's below 25 grams. Cholesterol should be under 300 milligrams.

Outside of Canada, Tim Hortons staff may not know about the drink. You can't order the Gretzky online or through the app because the upper level for customizing is four shots.

If you do want the drink, request a large cup. The sheer volume of sugar and cream fills the medium, so a bigger cup will help you get a little more coffee.