A Starbucks coffee cup.
The Reason Starbucks Discontinued Its Luxury Drinking Chocolate

Starbucks once had its own version of drinking chocolate called Chantico, which was made by steaming cocoa butter and whole milk. Despite its uniqueness, it wasn’t around for long.

Released in 2005, Chantico was available at Starbucks for less than one year. The culprit of its short-lived availability was the fact that Chantico was not customizable.

In the eyes of Starbucks fans, this is far from ideal. Customers know they can swap milk, syrups, sizes, and sugar content of any of their favorite drinks.

The Chantico was six ounces, and customers couldn’t even get a larger size or add extra flavorings.

Starbucks spokesman Alan Hilowitz told NBC News, "[Chantico] was something that customers did like, but they wanted to be able to do something else with it."