Two glasses and a bottle of Pinot Noir.
The Reason Pinot Noir Is More Expensive Than Most Wines

Even those new to the world of red wine are likely to appreciate Pinot Noir. ​​However, one thing that might keep some drinkers away from buying a bottle is the price.

In addition to requiring a high level of maintenance, the Pinot Noir vines are very vulnerable to disease. These growing challenges drive up the costs of the finished wine.

Pinot Noir grapes have thin skins, which are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Cultivating requires great skill, consistent growing conditions, and extra labor and equipment.

The environment also factors into the cost. A Pinot Noir produced by a vineyard in Burgundy, where the grape has been cultivated for centuries, will cost more than other regions.

The bottle will be more expensive if the grapes are grown by the same winery producing the wine. Pinot Noir from less established winemakers will generally bring down the price.