Caesar salad on a plate.
The Reason It's Technically Incorrect To Eat Caesar Salad With A Fork

The original Caesar salad was not served with a fork. Romaine leaves are strong enough to carry dressing and croutons, so one could pick up a Caesar salad with their fingers.

To remake the original Caesar salad, separate the romaine lettuce leaves delicately so they don't tear or break. The goal is to separate all the leaves from the head of romaine.

Use a large bowl to mix the leaves with the dressing, as smaller bowls cause the leaves to fold and break. You could even grill romaine leaves for crunch and structure.

Make your dressing from scratch, DIY the croutons with a sliced baguette, toss the leaves with the dressing, and arrange the dressed leaves onto a plate.

Place the croutons into each leaf and sprinkle Parmesan cheese over the tops. For a group dinner, pass the platter so each person can pick up a romaine piece with their hands.