Two Glencairn glasses
The Reason Glencairn Glasses Are Superior For Sipping Whiskey
Different shapes of whiskey glasses offer different experiences, affecting everything from how well the spirit swirls and the aroma to how comfortably it sits in your hand.
In 2001, the UK-based company Glencairn Crystal launched a glass with a shape designed to enhance the 'nose' and palate of whiskey tasting.
The Glencairn glass is designed to hold a standard pour of whiskey and has enough room to add water. It is similar to a tulip-shaped glass, with a shorter, more solid base.
The shape of the glass allows the appropriate amount of whiskey to make contact with air, releasing the aroma towards its tapered neck and flared rim.
Glencairn glasses let you swirl, sniff, and taste your drink like a pro, especially since the design helps you get less of the heavily concentrated ethanol vapors.