Starbucks Reserve bottles
The Rare Starbucks Reserve Coffee Customers Are Desperate To Taste

"Microblends" are small-lot coffees exclusive to Starbucks Reserve Roasteries. Flavor, supply, and an endorsement from Starbucks' CEO made Microblend No. 11 highly sought-after.

Microblend No. 11 uses 70% Guatemala Antigua and 30% sun-dried Ethiopia beans and creates a rich, port-like coffee with notes of citrus, jammy berries, and chocolate.

Getting your hands on this blend isn't simple, as Starbucks Reserve stores sell single-origin, non-blended coffees, so there’s a reluctance to make Microblend No. 11 available there.

The blend's production was devoted to restaurant orders, with excess beans going to Starbucks Reserve Roasteries. This makes the blend challenging for coffee fans to find.