Cut tomatoes on a chopping board
The Proper Way To Store Pre-Sliced Tomatoes In Your Fridge
While whole tomatoes can be kept on the counter until ripe then chilled, tomatoes that are cut or sliced must be stored using the correct approach to maintain freshness.
Once sliced, tomatoes stop ripening and should be refrigerated. Store halved tomatoes cut-side down on a paper towel inside an airtight container and consume within two days.
If you have a round of sliced tomatoes, tightly wrap them in plastic or use an airtight container. Aim for minimal air exposure by choosing the smallest possible vessel.
Even when stored correctly, pre-sliced tomatoes will lose their vibrant flavor and develop a dry texture within a few days. For peak freshness, keep them whole until use.
If you have prepped the tomatoes to be used raw, ensure that they are warmed to room temperature before serving as the cold masks the texture and aromatics of tomatoes.