Ree Drummond smiling
The Problem With Our Cinnamon Toast, According To Ree Drummond

Cinnamon toast is toasted bread spread with butter and a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar. However, Ree Drummond calls this version "just plain awful" on her blog The Pioneer Woman.

Her main complaints about classic cinnamon toast are that the butter does not properly melt into the bread, the flavors aren't distributed evenly, and it has no caramelized top.

"It's the wrongest. The most wrong. The Wrongalongadingdong," Drummond writes. Once you try her recipe, you may never go back to regular cinnamon toast.

Drummond makes a sweet, spiced spread by combining softened salted butter, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla extract for an extra boost of aromatic sweetness.

After toasting the bread with the spread on, the result is a delightfully decadent but deceptively easy confection that has a caramelized sugar crunch over soft, buttery bread.