Pastrami meat cheese sandwich on rye bread.
The Perfect Store-Bought Bread For Savory Sandwiches

For savory sandwiches, one type of store-bought bread is almost always the best choice: dill rye bread.

The hearty flavors of rye and dill stand up well to strong sandwich fillings. They complement bold meats, cheeses, and vegetables while adding a fresh, earthy taste.

Dill rye bread is perfect for savory deli sandwiches. When you make a traditional Jewish delicatessen's pastrami on rye at home, try it on dill rye for a tasty upgrade.

A true Reuben will also be served on rye bread, sometimes with pickles on the side. If you make it with dill rye, that essence of pickle becomes part of the bread itself.

Another well-loved savory sandwich filling is tuna salad, and sturdy slices of dill rye are excellent for the mayo-based salad because liquids won't end up soaking out.