Glasses of apple cider garnished with apple slices and cinnamon sticks
The Perfect Alcohol To Pair With Apple Cider

Apple cider is the ideal base for a mixed drink with a fall flair. Adding the right alcohol is a simple way to spike it while allowing its natural flavors to shine.

As a neutral spirit, vodka lets you enjoy the complexity of the apple cider while allowing creativity with your cocktail-making by introducing other ingredients.

Rye, barley, and corn vodkas have a subtle sweetness. To complement the apple cider, a wheat vodka with spice notes makes a fantastic pairing.

Kick it up a notch with flavored vodka, like caramel, orange, or lemon, to complement the cider. Spiced tamarind vodka blends well with ciders steeped with cinnamon or star anise.

Try adding a cinnamon stick or some rosemary for garnish or create a decorative rim by dipping it into maple syrup or honey, then into apple pie spice or red decorator's sugar.