Salmon in a pan with greens
The Parchment Paper Trick That Gives Your Super Crispy Salmon Skin

Getting the skin of a piece of salmon crisp, without the fish sticking, can prove tricky. But help is at hand, thanks to a common piece of kitchen kit: parchment paper.

Heat-resistant parchment paper makes an ideal hack for cooking a piece of salmon on the stove, and the fact that it's non-stick means the fish skin won't stick or rip.

Non-stick pans are bad for searing proteins because they don't allow fat to spread evenly across the food. Instead, use parchment paper with a stainless steel or cast iron pan.

Simply lay a piece of parchment flat over a little oil in a hot pan on the stove. Drizzle more oil on top of the paper, and cook the salmon skin-side down, flipping it to finish.