Ina Garten smiling
The Oyster-Grilling Trick Ina Garten Uses
Chef and expert host Ina Garten’s favorite method of preparing oysters is as a barbecue appetizer hot off the grill, adding garlic, butter, citrus, and herbs to the fresh seafood.
Her method not only enhances flavors with the mix of seasonings, but also highlights the oyster's salty sea flavors, gives them a firmer texture, and reduces food poisoning risks.
Simply spread a sheet of aluminum foil across the hot grate, crinkling the edges for a handhold and to create an enclosure, then nestle the shelled oysters on the foil.
Garten grills them for exactly three minutes, which melts the butter but prevents the oysters from turning rubbery. Choose oysters with deep shells to retain more cooking liquids.