Pink lemonade in glasses.
The Origin Of Pink Lemonade Was A Strange Accident

You've probably never considered how pink lemonade got its signature color. Although various theories exist, they all point to one place: the circus.

Pink lemonade likely became popular in the middle of the 1800s, around the time when traveling circuses like P.T. Barnum's began to draw in crowds from all around the U.S.

Circus performer Henry E. Allott, also known as "Bunk," is one possible inventor of pink lemonade. He supposedly spilled cinnamon candies in the lemonade, turning it pink.

Another story goes, in 1857, that water used for washing pink tights was used for "strawberry lemonade," and no one seemed to notice it tasted like dirty laundry.

Other versions of this story involve red tights flying off a clothesline into a tub of water and a red blanket falling into a horse's water trough.