A man orders food from a waiter during a business lunch
The Ordering Etiquette To Prevent An Awkward Business Lunch

Business luncheon attendees must behave formally, as bad etiquette can ruin any business relationship. One tip professionals should stick to is following the lead when ordering.

At any business luncheon, the host will likely be the first to order, and attendees should pay close attention. If your host orders two courses, follow their lead and do the same.

Ordering more courses than the host makes it seem like you're exploiting your host's generosity. For the same reason, avoid ordering items more expensive than your host's.

Following the lead when ordering is crucial because bonding and behaving with grace is the primary goal in a business lunch, and satisfying your craving or hunger is secondary.

You should also order items that are less likely to make a mess and stain your attire. A salad or grilled protein dish is less likely to cause trouble than long pasta with sauce.

Lastly, if alcohol is served at a business luncheon you're attending, drink as modestly as you can because you are expected to stay alert and attentive during business meetings.