Lemons against a white background
The Only Thing You Need To Descale A Kettle Is A Lemon

Water contains minerals that form limescale or insoluble calcium carbonate deposits when heated and left inside a kettle for too long. Things can get even worse if it’s hard water.

Ingesting limescale may not be harmful, but it can leave chalky bits in the water, cause your kettle to take longer to boil water, and eventually damage the gadget for good.

To break the deposits down or descale a kettle, boil a mix of freshly squeezed or bottled lemon juice and equal parts of water in the kettle, and let the juice’s acid do the job.

Let the boiled solution sit in the kettle for 20 minutes before scrubbing off the limescale. Wash the kettle with soap and water to ensure the limescale and lemon juice are out.

As a general rule of thumb, a kettle should be descaled every one or two months, though the frequency may increase depending on the hardness of the water where you live.