three knives on a wooden counter
The Only 3 Knives You Should Have In Your Kitchen Arsenal

With some leeway for personal preference, the universally accepted big three blades for the kitchen are a chef's knife, a serrated knife, and a paring knife.

A chef's knife is considered the most crucial culinary implement for any chef. Its wide blade and generous length of 6 to 10 inches make it perfect for chopping a range of foods.

A good knife balances the weight between the blade and handle to avoid hand fatigue, and a chef's knife has a blade curve that facilitates a gentle rocking motion for precise cuts.

A serrated knife is often called a bread knife for justifiable reasons. Its saw-tooth indentations can easily maneuver through fluffy or soft textures.

Serrated knives also work well for thick-skinned melons or anything with a hard exterior and soft interior. Smaller versions are useful for cutting steaks.

A paring knife is invaluable for precise food prep, such as peeling apples and potato skins, dicing fresh garlic bulbs, or slicing strawberries.

This little hand-size wonder, usually a maximum of four inches long, gives the user manageable control for smaller jobs.