Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain.
The One Sandwich Anthony Bourdain Hated With A Passion

Anthony Bourdain never held back his opinion when discussing food. One such food, the classic club sandwich, was frequently the focus of his ire.

It wasn't the taste of the sandwich or the ingredients that bothered him, but that inexplicable, slippery third piece of bread through the middle vexed him.

Bourdain complained, "It's been there forever; it's not a trend. It's lasted for decades, and why, when we can so easily dispense with it?" Why indeed.

It seems the bread is only there to make the top and bottom layers of the sandwich slip around. If there was a legitimate reason for its placement, it has been lost.

Despite Anthony Bourdain's rejection of it, the club sandwich has endured. It's become a global favorite served at everyday restaurants.