Celebrity Chef Ree Drummond smiling with a mic on
The One Food Ree Drummond Avoids Cooking At All Costs

Self-proclaimed 'accidental country girl' Ree Drummond, a master at cooking Southern comfort food dishes, admits there's one food she's not particularly fond of making: bread.

"I am terrible at bread. [...] Very bad at it. Embarrassingly bad," Drummond said during a 2022 episode of the "Bougie Adjacent" podcast.

The cooking personality explained that it takes her about 13 tries to get one "really good loaf," noting she only shares bread recipes in which she's "cracked the code."

This doesn’t include artisan breads, which require kneading and proofing. "I won't be the host of any artisan bread instructional shows — now or in the future," Drummond quipped.