Bottles of Prime Hydration
The Odd Question Of Ownership Behind Prime Hydration
YouTuber-boxer Logan Paul and YouTuber-rapper-boxer KSI launched the sport and energy drink brand Prime Hydration in 2022, but they aren't the company's only owners.
Although the brand's full name reads, "Prime by Logan Paul x KSI," and the website is plastered with their faces, they are not the full owners of the company.
Instead, the duo shares ownership of Prime with a company known as Congo Brands. The company is located in Louisville, Kentucky, and produces the drink.
While Paul and KSI are billed as Prime's founders, it's unknown whether they have a controlling share in the company or how much they have a hand in creating the drink.
In fact, according to the Kentucky Secretary of State's website, the initial officer of the company is listed as Max Clemons, and the second holder listed is Trey Steiger.
Steiger and Clemons are the co-owners of Congo Brands, which owns Prime Hydration LLC. The Congo Brands' website also hints that Steiger and Clemons actually created Prime.
Congo Brands' website is fairly light on details but notes that various brands under their umbrella "may have ownership beyond Trey and Max."
In Prime's case, Paul and KSI likely have a stake in the company but operate more as brand representatives or partners, while Congo handles the manufacturing.