Anthony Bourdain looking out over the water
The NYC Bar That Makes Anthony Bourdain's Favorite Martini

The late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain expressed his appreciation for a properly made martini, especially at Bemelmans Bar in the Carlyle Hotel in New York City.

The classy piano bar is famous for its vodka-based dirty martinis, but when he visited Bemelmans, Bourdain's favorite was a classic dry martini with gin and an extra olive.

"It's not my drink of choice. But this is the sort of place that demands a martini. They make a very good one, a very large one," Bourdain said of Bemelman's Bar.

Bemelmans Bar opened in 1947 and was named after Ludwig Bemelmans, creator of the "Madeline" children's books. The story goes he painted the bar's murals for free accommodation.

Bedecked in paintings of Central Park and lined with leather banquettes, this hot spot has enjoyed a rich history and even richer patrons during its lengthy history.