Salt in a wooden bowl with a wooden spoon
The North Carolina-Based Company Making Salt Different From Any Other

Salt can come in many different colors and varieties, and Hatteras Saltworks in North Carolina is taking advantage of a unique phenomenon to produce salt unlike any other.

Hatteras Saltworks is run by husband-and-wife owners Brian McMahon and Shaena Mullaney in Outer Banks, North Carolina. The nearby Cape Hatteras supplies their unique salt.

The salt extracted from the waters of Cape Hatteras is unlike any other in the world. Natural anomalies like the Gulf Stream and Labrador Current meet in the waters of the Cape.

Likewise, Hatteras Island sits in the waters of the Sargasso Sea, which lies completely in the Atlantic Ocean and is the only sea without a single land border.

These natural anomalies funnel nutrients into the waters off Hatteras, and according to McMahon, “pure nutrient-rich waters make pure nutrient-rich ocean salt.”

Sea water is harvested on their boat the “BarNaCle,” and poured into ponds in greenhouse-esque hoop houses to evaporate the water. Finally, the salt is dried in clay ovens.

Along with the nutrient-rich sea salt, the company offers a slew of flavored salts, such as lemon pepper salt, throughout the Outer Banks and North Carolina, as well as online.