Two hot dogs with mustard.
The National Hot Dog Council Has Firm Rules For Topping Etiquette

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) has strict recommendations for toppings. They are against ketchup, jokingly adding that using it could get you arrested in Chicago.

The NHDSC agrees that mustard and relish are great condiments to use on hot dogs. The council also gives the thumbs up to cheese, chili, and onions.

The NHDSC has also divided toppings into wet, chunky, as well as other categories. They’ve issued strong recommendations on their application.

There are four steps to properly adding toppings to hot dogs, according to the NHDSC. Wet toppings like mustard should always precede chunky ones, like relish.

Shredded cheeses should be layered on third, with seasonings saved for last. Regardless of category, all these toppings should be applied directly to the hot dog, not the bun.