Napkin placed on a plate on a table.
The Napkin Etiquette Rules To Know When Dining At A Fancy Restaurant

Assuming the meal in question is dinner (since most fine dining occurs in the context of dinner), the foremost napkin etiquette rule is to keep the napkin in your lap when seated.

Once you sit down, unfold the napkin from its initial form, fold it in half, and set it on your lap, ensuring the side with the folded-over portion points inwards toward your body.

When you need to use the napkin, dab at the corners of the mouth instead of going for a wiping motion. Refold stained napkins below the table to keep the stains hidden from others.

When going to the restroom, leave the napkin on your chair, and return it to its initial position. When sitting back down, fold the napkin as before and put it on your lap.

Additional napkin etiquette includes never using it to clean or polish your silverware, and by all means, keep it away from your nose.