Side view of Ina Garten smiling
The Most Undervalued Vegetable, According To Ina Garten
Author and host Ina Garten is one of the most lauded and relatable kitchen personalities in America, so when she drew attention to cauliflower, she did it in an approachable way.
In her book “Cook Like a Pro,” Garten calls cauliflower highly under-appreciated and shares the recipe for her now-famous dish, Cauliflower Toasts.
Cauliflower has a mild nutty flavor and a tad of sweetness, so it’s perfect atop crispy slices of country-style bread. Make sure to choose homemade artisan bread if you can.
The recipe includes olive oil, ground nutmeg, julienned prosciutto, flaked sea salt, crushed and ground red and black pepper, and three cheeses: mascarpone, Gruyère, and parmesan.
The cauliflower gets tossed together with the other ingredients on a sheet pan and roasted in the oven, with the cheeses and flaked salt added at the end.