Glass of whisky in an empty barrel
The Most Expensive Whisky In The World Is Actually Covered In Diamonds

If you suddenly found yourself $6 million richer, you could invest in the world's most expensive bottle of whisky.

Isabella's Islay, which retails for $6.2 million, is an aged, single-malt Scotch whisky boasting a flavor profile of buttered toast, woodsmoke, and fresh barley.

While it is exceptionally smooth, delicate, and well-balanced, its price isn't justified by the liquid contents alone but rather by its diamond-encrusted bottle and ruby accents.

The decanter is made of English crystal, coated with the equivalent of two gold bars of white gold, 8,500 diamonds, and about 300 rubies, spelling out "Isabella's Islay."

The rubies can also be customized. Many details about the actual whisky remain a mystery, leading the buyer to assume that the bottle is the primary value source.

While it hasn't been disclosed how many bottles, if any, have been sold, it would be intriguing to know who would display these bottles on either their bar shelves or jewelry case.