A pair of kitchen scissors
The Metal Teeth On Your Kitchen Scissors Aren't For Decoration
The metal teeth in the handle of your kitchen scissors have several purposes and were likely added to assist with breaking animal bones and stripping its meat.
This feature can also help crack open lobster, crab shells, and walnuts. Additionally, kitchen scissors can help open tough bottles and jars.
To open a smaller jar or remove a bottle cap, position the scissors handle down, with the metal teeth gripping the edges. Place your fingers inside the handles, squeeze, and twist.
Hold scissors with their blades pointed upward so you never pull up on a lid or bottle cap. Always twist, and be sure to keep the blades as far away from your face as possible.
Some scissors come with additional features, like a bone notch, a specified nutcracker, a more standard-looking bottle opener, and even screwdriver tips.