The Bartesian Cocktail system.
The Magic Ingredients Behind Bartesian Cocktail Capsules

In 2019, the Bartesian Cocktail system debuted its first machine and capsules, aiming to deliver tasty, classic cocktails at the touch of a button.

There's no alcohol whatsoever in the flavor-filled Bartesian capsules. Instead, you add the liquor of your choice to a tube-style container with water.

The ingredients in each capsule are concentrated. The machine automatically chooses and measures the proper amounts based on the capsule you insert.

The ingredients in each capsule include real extracts and fruit juices. There are many different flavors, and their details are posted on the Bartesian company’s website.

You can build your own bar by selecting cocktail capsules based on your preferred spirits. A barcode on the capsule informs the Bartesian machine which cocktail you wish to make.