Sliced raw eye of round cut of beef
The Leanest Cut Of Steak Available Is Actually Also Tender
Eye round steak is a lean cut from the cow's hindquarters with a lot of flavor. Its low fat and collagen content sets it apart from cuts like chuck that soften with long cooking.
When prepared well, eye round steak can become surprisingly tender. Start with a marinade containing acidic elements or a dry brine to help break down its protein structure.
Recommended cooking methods include roasting or pan-searing. If roasting the steak, cook it at a lower-than-usual temperature, such as 300 degrees F, to prevent overcooking​​.
You can also use the reverse sear technique, which involves roasting the meat until its internal temperature reaches 125 degrees F, then searing it in a hot pan to form a crust.
If pan-searing an eye round, aim for a rosy rare steak. Pound the meat thin, then cook it quickly over high heat to ensure a tender result, suitable for dishes like carne asada.