A meatloaf in a baking pan.
The Last-Minute Mistake That Causes Overly Dry Meatloaf
You can make the best version of meatloaf there is and still ruin it by slicing it too early. Doing so, when it’s fresh from the oven, will drain the dish of moisture and flavor.
When cooking meatloaf, juices naturally escape as muscle fibers release moisture. These flavorful liquids eventually redistribute back into the meat as it cools, but it takes time.
Even when using methods like wrapping meatloaf in phyllo dough to preserve moisture, it’s crucial to let it rest for about 10 minutes before slicing to allow the juices to settle.
To create extra moisture, use a meat grind that has plenty of fat in it, add some sautéed vegetables to the mix, and keep your use of breadcrumbs minimal or negligent.
Soak bread chunks in milk and crush saltines as substitutes for crumbs. Lastly, you can also bake the meatloaf over a pan of hot water to maintain moisture during cooking.