Scrambled eggs on a plate next to a cup of tea and bread slices
The Key To Soft Scrambled Eggs Is A Small Bit Of Acid
Adding a little acid to your scrambled eggs can majorly improve their taste while also helping produce the soft, comforting texture that we all crave from the classic dish.
Eggs have half of their proteins in the whites, about 40% in the yolks, and the rest in the shell and membrane. What an acidic addition does is alter the structure of the proteins.
Acid causes the proteins to denature when cooked over low heat and helps them to coagulate yet stay soft. It also makes little air pockets within the eggs, making them fluffier.
Lemon juice or vinegar are acids you can add to the eggs before they hit the pan. White wine vinegar adds a milder flavor, but some prefer sherry vinegar for its taste and aroma.
Add a teaspoon of lemon juice or vinegar to two eggs before you cook them, and then adjust it as you cook. Top the final product with lemon or lime juice for a fresh, zesty finish.