Boursin cheese and crackers.
The Key To Easy Weeknight Pasta Is Boursin Cheese

Many turn to pasta when looking for a quick and easy meal. One ingredient that's handy to keep in your refrigerator for extra flavor is Boursin cheese.

The original soft and spreadable cheese flavored with punchy garlic and herbs is equally tasty when used for cooking as it is served on a cheeseboard.

A 20-minute meal that has proved popular on TikTok involves baking a whole cheese in an ovenproof dish surrounded by cherry tomatoes and garlic, similar to baked feta pasta.

Stirring through cooked pasta with a little cooking water creates a glossy sauce, ideal for a fast and fuss-free family meal. Add dried chili before baking the cheese for heat.

Whether store-bought or homemade, its natural creaminess and rich flavor make Boursin cheese ideal for making pasta sauces.