A dish of chicken vindaloo curry sprinkled with fresh herbs
The Key Difference Between Japanese And Indian Curry
Curry is a fusion of meat, vegetables, or both, bathed in a spicy sauce, and typically served with rice. The Japanese and Indian interpretations of this dish starkly differ.
While Indian curries are crafted from intricate spice blends that create a myriad of flavors, Japanese curry is made using packaged flavor blocks, resulting in a roux-like sauce.
In India, the term "curry" persists from British colonial rule, encompassing diverse dishes like tikka masala, saag, and vindaloo. They’re commonly paired with breads such as naan.
In contrast, Japanese curries have a homogenized flavor profile with fewer variations. The thick sauce has a gravy-like texture, a deep brown hue, and is usually served over rice.
The identity of the authentic Indian curry is up for debate, while Japanese curry is more straightforward and convenient. Both are delectable, distinct culinary traditions.