Chef Ina Garten and her book.
The Italian Specialty Food Store Ina Garten Adores

With its origins and flagship store located in one of her most adored cities, this specialty store is one the celebrity chef Ina Garten swears by.

The food and wine shop has inspired some of Barefoot Contessa's recipes, like the warm marinated olives based on the kind that Peck specializes in.

The Milan-based Peck has been a prestigious destination for over a century for high-quality meats, cheeses, produce, wines, and Italian gastronomy.

The shop began in 1883 as a delicatessen and has grown its flagship store with three shops in one offering wine, cheese, and rotisserie selections.

Peck also has two other locations in Milan and one in Lucca, three restaurants, a cocktail bar, and stores throughout Asia, including Japan, Koria, and Singapore.